Minimal Web Design

what is minimal web design.

Are you looking for inspiring minimalist web designs tips? We will be analyzing some tips to help you create an amazing simple, clean and functional website for your company.

Minimalism or minimalist design has become the number one trend of the century. This trend has become an overwhelming trend in current website design word as well. Most web designers have also jumped on the minimalism boat and are producing gorgeous simple minimal layouts.
However, the art of less, designing such minimalist websites does not come easily and is often understood in the completely wrong way by designers as well as those trying to design their own websites. Minimalist web design is not about deleting the elements of a website without any restriction.

As a designer, you are expected to create the most beautiful, eye-catching and functional minimalist websites with much less and simpler elements of design.

Here are 4 simple tips and examples of the best design principles to help you design your dream minimal website home.

1. Use nagitive to stand out.

Whitespace in web design tends to reduce noises in web pages and allows users to naturally concentrate on the page’s main selling point of the website. This is a simple and effective way to increase product sales.
Whitespace highlights your website content and guides users to click, purchase or read more.

2. Use color wisely for an effective eye-cathing website.

When people here minimalist, they think black and white! Now… even though black & white happen to be one of our favourit colours here at Wild Heart, minimalist websites do not have to adopt one color or a black & white color scheme.
Even using one color, you can also change color opacity, use color gradients, add color shapes to make your designs different.

It is recommended that only one, two or three colors are used in a website design.
Here are some great colour combinations for website inspiration

3. Optimize your website with hierarchical typography and user friendliness with Google Fonts.

Using hierachical minimal fonts on your website will create clarity for your users.
When looking for the best font’s to use on your website, we advise looking first at Google Fonts.
White we are able to integrate any font into your website, your users might not be seeing your font correctly and come sometimes show up broken on their side depending on the devise they are using, the browser and more.
Google offers a wide range of minimal google fonts to use throughout your website.
Have a look at Google Fonts here.

4. Simplify your website pages with intuitive grids and easy navigation & never forget your menus.

In addition to color blocks, you can also use grids or “block style” to effectively divide interface functions and guides your users to find their needed page contents quickly and effectively.

Menus are also important to remember. While “blocks style” allows for easy navigation, so does having a fixed simple menu on all of your pages.

Build your own quote.

At Wild Heart, we prefer a minimal design style. We will build a minimal website based around your target and goals.

Are you looking for a minimal website but have no idea how to incorporate all of the above. Leave it all up to us, we can help you with  custom design. Use our online quote system to build your own website quote.

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