4 Steps to Choosing the right Website Design Company.

Once you recognize that the internet is a competitive market, you will take every step to ensure that your customers have the best brand experience online in order to be successful and to stand out from your competitors. Consumers today have a variety of web designers to choose from. The task of finding a web design company that can deliver has never been as daunting as it is today as there are so many out there who can easily populate a template for you and charge you an arm and a leg for just doing this, most of these “companies” also end up leaving out important aspects like SEO and website security which could ruin the future of your business. There is a fine line between success and failure when it comes to setting up and operating a website online today and choosing a company which will do it right from the get-go. Here is a simple guide to help you find the best web design company for your business.

Step 1: Know what you want and do and what you would like to accomplish with your website and do not settle for less

Many business owners believe that because they do not know that much about the web and how it works, they should leave all the work to the web design agency which is probably one of the worst mistakes to make when approaching a website design agency. The objectives and goals of putting up your business online are much similar to the reason why you have a business in the first place, create brand awareness and convert visitors to customers. As a business owner you need to have a clear vision of what you would like your business to achieve online and who you are wanting to target so when you do approach an agency, you have a clear vision of what you want the website design company to accomplish.

With a clear focus on what you want to achieve, you can request the agency to provide proof of their capabilities whether in a portfolio or examples of websites they have worked with (both successfully and unsuccessfully). You can use these examples to see the company’s approach in providing solutions to your business needs.

Step 2: Know your value and how much you are willing to pay for a website.

Before going deep into the process of finding a website design agency, remember that cost will determine whether you will hire an agency or a “agency” that will populate a template for you. Of course you want the best that money can buy but if it is not within your business budget to get an 10k to 100k website design, there is really nothing you can do about it and may have to find a more cost effective company. In order to beat the cost challenge, it is important to know the cost vs. value of any service from web design agencies.

When it comes to website design, just like anything else, you get what you pay for. Avoid cutting costs just to save some money, especially when you risk losing the long-term value of the results you planned for in the first step. Valuing the cost of the service is similar to comparing how the cost of your marketing and advertisement over the past couple of years has brought a return on investment. Find out whether the agency has any evidence of the value delivered to a business through tangible results. Do not let the sticker price deter you from working with a great agency, find out what this sticker price entails and maybe you will change your mind altogether. Also remember, quite a few great agencies offer monthly payoff options.

Step 3: Find out if they have a solid record of accomplishment

Portfolio, portfolio, PORTFOLIO – this is so important when choosing a company.

A solid record of accomplishment is not determined by how long the agency has been in business but how well they have performed for whatever period they have worked. Time does not dictate experience, so hearing that an agency has been in business for ten years does not necessarily mean that they are the best option for you. There is such a great diversity in the nature of websites, products and services offered online and it is wiser to look at the accomplishment of the agency in relation to the industry your business operates in.

You can find out how well the agency is doing based on performance data and client testimonials. Google my business or a Facebook page is always a great place to go do some digging to see what past clients have said about the respective company you are looking into. At this point, communication is crucial and you should ask as many questions as you need to understand the methodologies of the agency and the reasons behind the decisions they make.

And just incase you were wondering (wink wink, nudge nudge!) Wild Heart Portfolio

Step 4: What is the strategy?

The web agency should offer a clear strategy on how to achieve all the things discussed above. A good web strategy will make your business authoritative, relevant and trustworthy. With a solid strategy, it is easy to create milestones, set realistic expectations and achieve measurable results. You should ask the agency to explain the approach in detail and this strategy should aim to reach all the goals discussed in the first step. Knowing the strategy is also crucial to staying within the budget. Have a look at our website design strategy above.

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