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Is this a Debit Order?

Well yes, except you have complete control over your account and can cancel the recurring payment at any time from your own account.

Why should I sign up?

We would really appreciate if all of our clients could sign up to our PayFast account, to make maintaining the account easier for both parties and to ensure that we don’t miss your payments.

How do I cancel my payment?

When setting up your recurring payment, PayFast will automatically create you a user account. If you wish to cancel, all you would need to do is log in and hit the cancel button.

On which day of the month would my payment reccure?

Your Payment will recur on the same day every month that you set your subscription up. ie. if you set up today then your payment will recur the same day of next month.

What happens if my payment bounces?

Not a problem, PayFast will automatically retry in 24 hours of the failed payment, PayFast will attemp this 3 times before stopping. If payment fails after the 3rd attempt then PayFast will alert Wild Heart and we would need to follow up with you.

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