Wild Heart Terms and Conditions

    1. Introduction

    These terms and conditions govern the relationship between Wild Heart (“we”, “our”, or “us”) and our clients (“you” or “your”). By engaging with our services, you agree to abide by these terms. We reserve the right to update these terms, and you will be notified of any significant changes.

    2. Estimates and Quotations

    2.1. We may provide initial estimates or quotations for projects. Final project costs may vary based on changes to the original scope.
    2.2. Acceptance of our estimates implies acceptance of these terms unless otherwise agreed in writing.

    3. Payment Terms

    3.1. The full website amount is divided into three equal payments, spread over three months.
    3.2. The first 1/3 payment is due upon acceptance of the quote, signaling the commencement of the build.
    3.3. The second payment is due before or on the first of the following month.
    3.4. The final payment is due before or on the first of the subsequent month.
    3.5. If no work has been done by the 2nd or 3rd month due to delays in content provision by the client, the payment for that month will still be due.
    3.6. Late payments may result in suspension of services and accrual of interest.

    4. Project Terms

    4.1. We aim to complete projects within the agreed timeframe. However, unforeseen delays may occur, and we will communicate any changes.
    4.2. Clients must provide all necessary content within two weeks of project commencement unless otherwise agreed.

    5. Maintenance and Support

    5.1. Maintenance services are available as per our maintenance agreement. These packages include hosting services.
    5.2. We are not responsible for issues arising from outdated plugins, themes, or third-party software.

    6. Management Services

    6.1. All clients are required to engage in our management services for a minimum period of 12 months.
    6.2. Details and costs of these services will be outlined in our agreement.

    7. Termination

    7.1. Services can be terminated with one month’s written notice.
    7.2. Early termination may result in fees or penalties as outlined in our agreement.

    8. Third-Party Services

    8.1. We may recommend third-party services. We are not responsible for their performance or any changes they may make.

    9. Website Development and Design

    9.1. Clients must provide all website content within the agreed timeframe.
    9.2. Additional charges may apply for changes outside the original scope.

    10. SEO and Marketing

    10.1. We strive to improve your website’s rankings, but cannot guarantee specific results due to the dynamic nature of search engines.

    11. Copyright

    11.1. All designs, codes, and content remain our property until full payment is made.
    11.2. Clients are responsible for ensuring the originality of the content they provide.

    12. Breach

    12.1. Non-payment within the specified period may result in suspension of services.
    12.2. In case of insolvency or liquidation, we reserve the right to terminate our contract and seek compensation for work done.

    13. General Provisions

    13.1. These terms are governed by the laws of [Jurisdiction].
    13.2. Any disputes arising from these terms will be resolved through arbitration in [Location].
    13.3. If any provision of these terms is found to be unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in effect.