Website Checklist

Yay, you have decided to go ahead with your website build. We have compiled a checklist of items that we will need from you.

Getting your website content together can be overwhelming and confusing so we have tried to simplify the process and make it as easy as possible for you. We offer support as well as additional services to help you on your website journey.

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General rules of of Thumb
  • Have an idea of the website that you would like as well as the goals that you would like to achieve with the website.

  • Complete Wild Heart’s website look and feel questionnaire

  • Have written content for the site. If you are not sure how to create your own written content then please feel free to pop us an email and we will connect you with one of our skilled copywriters.

  • Each page should have a minimum of 300 words for SEO purposes.

  • Try and keep each page under 500 to 600 words. Remember, simplicity is key.

Home Page
  • A short description of what you do and who it benefits.
    (eg. Custom website design packages for start-up businesses.)

  • A call to action button.
    (eg. Learn more about our services, contact us now, shop now)

  • A short description of your services.

  • Optional: A short description of you.

  • Professional photographs of you or your business. If you do not have professional photographs then we will provide you access to Envato Elements stock photos. Wild Heart also provides corporate photography packages, contact us to find out more.

  • Optional: A couple of testimonials to scroll through

  • A social media feed ie. Instagram feed

Service Page
  • All services (A list of all services offered.)

  • A short description of all services offered.

    Tip: As far as possible, keep all descriptions the same length to keep line height and spacing even.

  • Your process

  • Include a contact form or a link to a contact form.

About Page
  • Professional Photos of you or your business

  • Team member photos and write up if you have a team.

  • Your story or how the company started.

  • A few personal facts about you or how the company can help.

Blog Page
  • A short description of your blog and what you will be talking about on your blog.

  • A list of your blog categories if applicable.

  • Blog pages images

  • Written content for inner blog page.

Please note: Our blog page adds come with 1x blog set up. We save this set up as a template for you to use going forward.

Contact Page
  • Any contact information that you would like to provide your visitors with

    (eg. Street address, contact numbers, email addresses)

  • If you would like customers to visit your work premises then we would need a street address for Google Maps.

  • What fields would you like your contact form to include. The standard contact form comes with:




    These contact forms can be designed more in depth and can collect additional information.

  • FAQ

  • Business hours

Online Store

When creating an online store, the same content as above applies so it may help reading the above checklist in case you would like to include any of the above content.

Click here to view general website checklist

  • A list of product categories

  • Product Images

  • Pricing / variable pricing for each product

  • Product descriptions

Shipping and Payment Gateways
  • Flat rate Shipping fee. If your shipping fee is custom then Wild Heart may need to quote on product shipping pricing.

  • Shipping company details. Some shipping companies provide plugins for your website which provides clients with tracking codes.

  • Payment gateway details, we suggest looking at the following:


Additional Pages
  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Retrun Policy