Website Maintenance Packages Terms and Conditions

    1. Scope of Maintenance Services

    1.1. Wild Heart offers website maintenance packages that include services such as updates, bug fixes, hosting, and other related tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the client’s website.

    1.2. The specific services included in each package will be detailed in the individual package description provided to the client upon selection.
    2. Hosting

    2.1. All website maintenance packages include hosting services. The hosting services will ensure that the client’s website remains accessible online and operates without interruptions.

    2.2. Any downtime or issues related to hosting will be addressed promptly by Wild Heart, with the aim to restore full website functionality as soon as possible.

    2.3. Each maintenance package comes with a specified hosting space. If a client’s usage exceeds this space, they will be notified of the need to upgrade to a higher hosting package. The client will be informed of the increased price associated with the upgraded hosting package. Continued use of the services after this notification will be considered acceptance of the new hosting package and its associated costs.

    3. Monthly Update Time

    3.1. Clients are allocated a specific amount of time each month for updates, as per their chosen maintenance package.

    3.2. Any unused monthly update time does not carry over to the subsequent month. Clients are encouraged to utilize their allocated time to ensure their website remains current and functional.

    3.3. If a client does not use their allocated update time within a month, they forfeit that time, and it will not be credited or refunded.

    4. Client Responsibilities

    4.1. Clients are responsible for providing all necessary content, information, and approvals in a timely manner to facilitate the maintenance services.

    4.2. Delays in providing necessary content or approvals may result in delays in updates or other maintenance tasks.

    5. Payment Terms

    5.1. Payment for the maintenance packages is due as per the agreed-upon schedule between Wild Heart and the client.

    5.2. Late payments may result in suspension or termination of maintenance services.

    5.3 Monthly payments must be processed through our Netcash Debit Order system. Wild Heart only accepts EFTs for annual payments.

    6. Termination

    6.1. Either party may terminate the maintenance agreement with a written notice of 30 days. Any payments due up to the date of termination will still be owed.